Ian Greyling

Ian Greyling is an actor with a demonstrated history of working in the film industry. he currently studies at Toronto Film School. His Family encouraged him to pursue acting from an early age, 

Stephanie Herrera

An awarding winning Actor and Writer, Stephanie is also a voice over artist, singer, director, and professional comedian. She created the first improv school in 2005 in Durham Region, Ontario which became a not for profit in 2016. She has been the host and community producer on three shows at Rogers TV (Oshawa), produced, written, and directed dozens of interactive productions, comedy shows, and plays. Writes for film and television and has been associate producer and casting director for several local films in Toronto and Durham Region. Has been both a board member and judge for several film festivals, has shared the stage with some comedy legends (such as Colin Mochrie, Patrick McKenna, and Peter Wildman), and hosts and teaches at corporate events across North America. 
Stephanie is the author of the book “The Ten Commandments...of Improvising!” and contributor to various online publications including ACT, Local Biz, and her own blog (“God is dead” and other fun facts!). She also is co-creator of the podcast “Eileen and Steph: Everything’s Fine” heard on iTunes, Podbean, and Google Play.

Demos and videos are on her site at: www.stephanieherrera.com


James McIsaac

I produce  an host You Tube videos  I've made over 4 hundred short  videos  my channel is called  " Exploring  and  bottle collecting  with Jimmy " I explore  abandoned  homes an dig for old bottles an other relics  I enjoy announcing an talking freely   on camera  I would also enjoy acting in . Period Movies or situation comedies or television series series

I'm married 26 years  father  of 3 grown children 1 granddaughter  my hobbies are family historian  an antique  collector  I'm very interested in Canadian  history    an United Kingdom history  I'm a member of the Milton Steam Era club 

John Tench

John Tench was born in Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A. and grew up in Canada, where he began working in Film and Theatre in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. He started his career on stage in Toronto with Ken Gass at the legendary Factory Theatre Lab and quickly moved on to study and work in New York City, London, England, Paris, France and then throughout Continental Europe, before returning to Canada. He founded the influential Theatre Company Theatre Kathartic, performing and touring shows internationally, including works by Sam Shepard, Dario Fo and Bertoldt Brecht. John moved on to Vancouver, B.C. and from there down to Hollywood and Los Angeles to continue his work in Film and Television. In his many Feature Film and Television appearances he's worked with such great directors as Ang Lee, Antoine Fuqua, Zac Snyder, Arthur Hiller, Roger Christian, Chris Haddock, among many others, and he's been on numerous award winning hit shows. John also works on Ubisoft's new award winning Video Game - WatchDogs, and WatchDogs Bad Blood as the legendary character and fan favorite, T Bone Grady. John has also worked with numerous theater companies in North America and Europe as an Actor, Director, Writer and Producer. As well as performing he has produced, written and directed several short films. He has been nominated for numerous awards in the Best Actor Category. He is a master of accents and dialects and has voiced a great many cartoons and foreign language films. John has written a number of Screenplays and is a published poet. He also teaches and coaches Actors and Acting throughout Canada and the U.S. Among his other many interests are painting, music, his family and farm. He is a talented musician and sings as well as playing guitar, banjo, harmonica, tuba and other instruments. John is an avid outdoors-man, fisherman and canoeist. He divides his time and work between Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Canada, Los Angeles and Europe.

Blaine McKenzie

Actor and owner of production company Slowdownbuddy Media. (slowdownbuddymedia.com) . 


Skills: Photography and videography. Piano and guitar. 

Additional: Member of Toronto country group Big Tobacco & The Pickers, now celebrating 10 years as a band. 

Kayla Cullity

I started acting at 9 years old.  I got my first ACTRA credit on the season 1 finale of The Expanse in 2015 and my second on Greenfields in 2018.


I love acting and everything to do with movies and television.  I make my own movies and have belonged to several collaboration channels on youtube, the most recent is Seven Fabulous Teens where I film edit and sumit my videos weekly.

Shin Ming Y

Model and Actor. I like singing, modeling and acting!

Monika Boruc-Kubanska

Monika has always loved to act, but after graduating from Toronto Film School, and meeting well known actors like John Tench, Joseph Di Mambro and many others, she knew she had found her calling. Now as a writer and an actor, she is currently working on multitple film projects, as well as working on projects of her own. However, she is always looking forward to new opportunites to broaden her horizons.

Jeff Wahl

Jeff studied acting at Prairie Theatre Exchange in Winnipeg, and then moved straight on to the big screen...

He has had a recurring role on the cult following show Todd and The Book of Pure Evil for two seasons, as well appeared in features such as Wild Cherryand the smash mouth hockey flick Goon.

Since moving to Toronto, Jeff has been cast in the Netflix original series Shadowhunters and lending his voice to various video-games and commercials.



Sadie Baramikova

Sadie (Seda) Baramikova was born on March 9th, 2001 in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, to oil painter Jamilya Baramikova. She is of Crimean Tatar descent.

Sadie was raised in St Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

She began acting at the age of fifteen after a lifelong ambition of wanting to work in the film and television industry.

She started studying acting for film and television under actor Livingstone Beaumont at his private acting studio in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, and has pursued her passion for acting ever since.

She has also studied on-camera acting for film and television under actress Christina Collins at the Toronto Academy of Acting for Film and Television.

Sadie has been playing the violin since 2009, and was a First Violinist at the Niagara Youth Orchestra from 2014 to 2017. She has been online home-schooled since 2012.

In November 2016, she signed with principal talent agency, The Burke Agency Inc. in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Her first feature film "Bloody Romeo" is expected to premiere in 2018/19. "Bloody Romeo" is directed, produced, and written by award-winning Indian-Canadian director, producer, and writer Mukesh Asopa.

In April 2018, she left The Burke Agency Inc. and signed with Hero Artists Agency in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

In August 2018, Sadie announced that she has written a short film titled "August" which will be premiering in 2019, with "Sadie Baramikova Films" as the production company, and "TimeStory Pictures" acting as executive producer.

Scott Wilson

I am a 43 year old actor,singer and writer.I dabbled in a bit of acting over the years but never "caught the acting bug"seriously until roughly 3 1/2 years ago after I started taking classes and attending weekly actor meetups like The Actor'a Plce (or TAP as its often referred to as).Since that time I have done a ton of student shorts,music videos,infomercials and feature films.I have also had the honor and pleasure of combining my passion for acting and my passion for singing in 3 different musicals.

Resume and demo available upon request 

Liudmyla Lypska

Liudmyla was born and raised in Ukraine (Kiev). Fluent in Russian and Ukrainian languages. Her passion is acting, dancing, photography and traveling. She has finished the course of acting and theater directing and has University degree and many years of experience in Travel Management and Event Planning (both programms of Kiev National University of Culture and Arts, Kiev, Ukraine).  From a very younge age Liudmyla has had a dream to become an actress and from 7 y.o till now she never stop dancing (ballroom, falk, modern, brazilian zouk, line-dance). In 2014 she moved to Toronto and very happy that finally has got opportunity to be an actress in The Beaverton (Comedy TV show, Season 1, Ep.2) and Route 68 (feature film).

Lukas Pallotta

Toronto born and raised, half Swedish on my mothers side. I have always had a passion for acting and am happy to be pursuing it full time. I am very witty and love improv. I am also an avid writer and hope to get published one day.

Contact: lukaspallotta@gmail.com

Fereshteh Samimi

Fereshteh Samimi was born in Isfahan, Iran. She then moved to Saskatchewan, Canada with her mother at the age of 8. She recognized her aspirations for the entertainment industry and her passion of acting from very early on. Growing up she was involved in musical theater and dance. She has 11 years of dance training, primarily Belly Dance but also Latin, Bollywood, Jazz and Contemporary. In 2014 she moved to Toronto, Ontario to pursue acting more professionally. Since then she has been an active participant in many classes, workshops and projects in the city.

Robynne Eaton

Robynne Eaton is an actress, executive producer and writer, known for "LineDance" (2019),  Absolute Anger (2019),  To No Mans Land, (2018), The Percy Harris Story (2013) and The Beautiful Risk (2013). See full bio »

Emily Bolanos

Emily Bolanos is an actress, commercial model, sales specialist and producer. She plays the lead for the internationally awarded Indie Film, "Living Instead". This feature film garnered several awards including Best Actress at Los Angeles Film Awards, Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival, Barcelona Planet Film Festival and Brazil's MAC Underground Film Festival.

Emily earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Though she was a registered nurse, she ventured in sales where she has garnered awards in their division. She also continued her education in Sales and Management at the University of Toronto.


Jennifer Vallance

Actress living in Toronto, willing to work worldwide, has current passport. 




Brandon Lederer

Brandon Lederer is known for his work on 

Amanda Woodhouse

Classically trained, Amanda Woodhouse is a very talented actress and has been acting since a child.

Amanda was born in a small town called St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada which is near London Ontario.

She has been in many performances and is known for playing Mrs. Fezzyiwig in A Christmas Carol.

She is known for her role as Lisa Noris in the 2018 season 4, episode 10 of Paranormal Survivor.

Amanda has many other talents and can speak in three different accents which are British, Australian and Russian.

She can make her characters come to life by switching gears.

She is continuously working on her craft with private coaching and acting classes.

She has many projects under her belt. Amanda has been cast in a feature film called The Daughter's Kingdom that she will be shooting later this Summer. The movie will be released in 2019.

Amanda has landed roles in short films, commercials and has many upcoming TV shows and feature films.

Amanda has skills in kickboxing, fitness, working in security, learning law enforcement and will be learning combat training and horseback riding later this Summer 2018.

She can swim, line dance, play the recorder, video games and is talented in voice, animation, and different accents.

Amanda spends her free time camping, hiking, cycling, swimming, enjoying the wilderness, hanging out with friends and family and making others laugh.

Sean Dwyer

Sean has appeared in web-series (check out Bay on Baes on YouTube!), epic parody trailers (check out ELEVATED MARGARITA on YouTube!) and films such as Emily (2014) and Linda Vale Hospital (2015) and wrote, directed, and produced La farfadette montréalaise vient du Brésil (2009) and Rolling Night Attack (2010). His recent theatre roles include Cazimir and Henry in the new play Red Velvet (2016), Christian in Cyrano de Bergerac (2015) and Jonathan Harker in Dracula (2015). Though it all began in Toronto, Ontario, Sean has studied or taught theatre and film in Quebec, British Columbia, the United States, Ecuador, France, India and Japan.

Janet Hill

Actor dancer and all around sports girl.

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